What’s the Price of Security

What price do you put on the security of your premises? If the worst happened and someone did break in to your business premises, would you still be able to function the day after or could it have catastrophic effects on your business?

Computers and tech equipment are usually the prime target of the thief, as these can be sold on relatively easily and are incredibly difficult to trace but however annoying the loss, what about the data that is stored on them? Are the machines properly protected, or have you just handed the thieves the keys to customer information, company accounts, do you stay logged in to bank accounts, Paypal accounts etc? All of a sudden, that the loss of a few computers can pale to insignificance as you realise what damage could be caused to your livelihood.

This is why it is so important for companies to ensure software, data, records etc. are backed up correctly and copies stored off-site. Additionally, computers should all be password protected (with strong passwords) and the data encrypted. It’s amazing the number of people who have their passwords written down next to their PC.

So you have taken care of security should the thieves get in to your office, but prevention can be better than cure, so are there any measures you can take?

One excellent solution that can be used is to employ CCTV monitoring of the site. During out of business hours, trained CCTV operatives monitor the site and should any unauthorised persons be located on site, the CCTV monitoring company can take the necessary actions, either giving verbal warnings over a tannoy system, contacting the business owner/site manager or informing the police directly. In this way, should the unauthorised person have less than honest intentions, the crime can be prevented long before being committed and avoids the loss of property or damage to the site.

For sites where some staff may work unsociable hours, when the site would usually be deserted, knowing that they are under surveillance by the security company gives extra reassurance of their safety.

Prospect Business Park has used remote CCTV for many years to protect the site. Outside of normal business hours, access to the site is restricted to gate fob-holders only (an electronic gate secures the site evenings and weekends) and the site is closely monitored by a CCTV company. Should an unauthorised person be seen on site, then the CCTV company will issue a verbal challenge using the on-site tannoy system. In most cases, this is sufficient deterrent and the intruder leaves the site. If the intruder had designs on trying to break in to the premises, it is immediate warning that they are being watched!

If a verbal warning is insufficient, then our monitoring company will then contact either the site manager or the police, depending upon the circumstances.

For many years, Prospect Business Park have used a company called PSM (www.psmrvrc.co.uk) to monitor the site and have found their service to be excellent. Many residents of the site have also commented on their professionalism when calling to inform them they are on site. Following a recent audit on PSM by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), PSM have progressed from ISO9001:2008 accreditation to ISO9001:2015 with zero improvement needs or non-conformances identified.

CCTV monitoring is not just for commercial sites such as Prospect Business Park, but can be found on domestic dwellings and any site or building where the protection and safety of residents is paramount, such as nursing homes, hospitals, hotels etc.

Should you require any further information on CCTV monitoring or any of the other services that PSM can provide, their contact information can be found below.

Professional Surveillance Management (PSM) Ltd
Arch 11
Milk Street


Tel: 01942 366291