Walking while at work!?

How many of us spend our day at work and barely move from behind our desks, except perhaps to make a cup of coffee or grab something to eat?

In this day and age, everyone is acutely aware of the benefits of exercise, but many of us are forced in a sedentary lifestyle Monday to Friday. Continuing our fitness and health theme for just a little longer, we have some ideas to help you shift a few pounds, improve your health and help to make you feel a little better at work.

Your health:

If you’re too busy at work and keep falling back on the excuse of ‘no time’, Then a lunchtime walk could be the ideal solution for you! The health benefits of a simple, brisk walking routine are well-established – a daily walk can help you lose or manage weight, prevent conditions such as high blood pressure, strengthen your bones and improve balance and co-ordination.

Sitting all day is deadly:

Even if you do get a workout in during your day, the eight-plus hours you spend sitting at your desk isn’t good for your body and may even counteract that effort at the gym. Small bursts of activity during the day go a long way towards improving your health.

Out and About:

While moving at lunch is good for your body, actually getting outside on your break could be even better! Many studies point to a positive relationship between time spent outdoors and mental well-being. A walk outside with fresh air and change of environment can help you to feel energised and actually improve your work rate for the rest of the day!

Make it Social: 

Why not invite your colleagues along to make your walk a little more fun and socially interactive. Studies have show that meeting up with friends can boost happiness and reduce stress, perfect if you work long hours in a stressful role.

Improve Your Brain Power: 

Taking a walking break can actually help to improve focus. Exercising your body pumps more blood everywhere, including your brain and the extra blood and oxygen you get from exercising can help you to perform better mentally.

At Prospect Business Park, we are blessed with a rural site with some lovely scenery and a very secure area, so why not bring those walking shoes, or perhaps even some jogging gear to work tomorrow and start putting in a few laps during lunchtime?