6 Important Points to Consider when Choosing your Office Location


Before selecting your new business premises, here are 6 important points for you to consider:

Style of Premises:

Is this just a base from you to work from or are you going to have clients visiting? If it’s the latter, does it matter what sort of impression you give? If it’s a workshop, eg. a car repair centre,  then clients will probably expect a workshop environment, however if it’s an office, what sort of impression would you like to present to your clients?

Location, location, location:

Years old and we’ve all heard it, although this little gem still rings true. For a retail business, then footfall will probably be of paramount importance but for offices this is generally less so, however many still flock to prime or city centre locations where rents are normally far higher and commuting and parking can be difficult, not to mention expensive! Do you really need to be based in the city centre, or perhaps somewhere that is just easy to find, has good public transport links and parking is easy and free?


Are your competitors nearby? There are two schools of thought and it is down to each individual to consider this carefully. If your competitors are on your doorstep, can you attract some of their clients to your establishment? After all, this is why you tend to find many retail outlets side by side with their competitors. Yes, you may get extra footfall but it can turn out to be a double-edged sword as they can pick up your clients too.

Lease Terms:

A major consideration particularly for start-up or small business is the term of the lease. Many landlords require a minimum commitment of 12-months, sometimes with up-front deposits. If you are lucky enough to find one, some centres (like ours) will provide easy-in, easy-out terms, which means you don’t need to commit to a 12-months contract and only one months’ notice is required to vacate.

Internet Access:

In this day and age, most businesses require some form of internet access, even if it’s just for checking emails. However many companies now run VoIP telephone systems that require high speed, good quality and most importantly reliable internet. When shopping for your next premises, it is now vital to check what internet access, if any, the landlord provides and if there are any extra costs involved. Hidden extras can add up very quickly, meaning that office that appeared ‘cheap’ at first glance isn’t quite the bargain you thought it was!

Utilities and other costs:

It’s not just about monthly rent, as we mentioned in the point above, but there are still other costs involved too. Some landlords require additional payment for heating, lighting, janitorial services etc. They may be itemised or added in to a monthly ‘management’ charge. Also consider business rates charges; does the office qualify for a business rates exemption?

Prospect Business Park provides high quality workshops and offices to rent, just a few miles outside of both Durham and Newcastle with excellent links to the major routes. Other benefits include:

  • Over 200 free car parking spaces
  • 24/7 access for tenants
  • Fast, free broadband for tenants
  • Easy-in, easy-out lease terms
  • Fantastic on-site security
  • On-site manager to handle any queries
  • Offices start from only £140 per month!

For more information, or to arrange a viewing, please do not hesitate to contact us.